Over and out

It was 5 months in the making, but now Show Thirteen is all over. From this..

(Photo Credit: Natasha Nuttall)

to this…

(Photo credit: Charlie Urmston)

It was a lot of hard work by 76 students and 18 staff members but Show Thirteen was a great experience showcasing the Graphic Design talent of the future. On the Private View evening, the studio was buzzing:

(Photo credit: Charlie Urmston)

(Photo credit: Charlie Urmston)

There were toasts, speeches that will be remembered forever (“She has been a good ship” – B.Tullett 2013), thank yous…

(Photo credit: Charlie Urmston)

(Photo credit: Charlie Urmston)

… and congratulations. The following 2 weeks we received great feedback, reached new people…

(Photo Credit: Natasha Nuttall)

(Photo Credit: Natasha Nuttall)

… and a lot of our business cards disappeared (there have been placement and job offers!). It’s been an experience that none of us will forget. Thank you to everyone who has supported us along the way – the tutors, families and friends.

Congratulations to Show Thirteen – we’re the last class of Thomas Parker House and the future of Graphic Design. Who knows where we’ll all be in 10, 20 or 30 years but we’ll always have that one unanswered question in our minds…

(Photo credit: Chris Algar)

Who stole that Mars bar in first year?

Watch out industry, we’re on our way! (Not to steal your mars bars though, don’t worry.)


Week #14 – The Private View

This week – Show Thirteen is here! Just the finishing touches – adding the business cards, applying the way finding, sorting out the portfolios, adding the curated elements, a spot of hoovering, adding the portfolio cover photos, previewing the curated show reels, adding the group photos, a bit more hoovering, sorting out the window display and finally enjoying the private view! Lots of guests, speeches, toasts and awards.

We’re open

After a great opening night, Show Thirteen is now open!

Yesterday was the first full day and it was lovely to see so many visitors and hopefully that will continue:

After 3 years of hard work and 14 weeks of preparation the we’re ready to share it with you. Show Thirteen is open at Thomas Parker House until the 14th June between 10am – 4pm (except Sundays) so come and see what we have to offer!

Week #13

This week – Show Thirteen begins to take shape as students hang the final panels with precision, Jack is on trimming duty, Chris fixes the portfolio clips, Portfolios are complete, Vinyl is cut and applied, Philippa and Barrie decide on the curated elements, finishing touches are made to panels, students had their work in (including a handshake with Barrie!) and the studio closes for assessment:

Week #12

This week – Work for the Show Thirteen panels is submitted, Auction 13 reveals an extra 8 postcards, the final touches are made to the studio, Jonathan Barnbrook visits for a guest lecture and the tutors decide the structure of the show and with panel spaces decided, work starts to be pinned up and finals printed.

Week #11

This week –The Private View invites are made (cutting, sticking and stamping),
the invites are sent out, students begin to transform the studio – tidying, emptying,
stripping the walls and moving furniture, the fun begins – sanding and painting
the walls, Chris builds 3 walls in 2 days, RGB fundraising night out with DJs Westjay and Introspective, back to work in the studio building and painting,
Chitter-Chatter presents… Hat-trick and the painting continues!