What’s in the window?

Preparation for Show Thirteen is well underway, but there’s still plenty happening before the show opens in June! Today the Auction13 team have been working on the window display at our building, Thomas Parker House (or more affectionately known as TPH).


Since our last post about Auction 13 just over a month ago, a lot has happened!   The team have received postcards from a variety of creatives and they’re now available for everyone to enjoy in the TPH window.

You can get involved and play the guessing game on twitter – who do you think produced which postcard? All will be revealed soon as the team plan to turn over the tags to credit the creative who produced the postcard.

Auction 13 will be an online auction so no matter where you are in the world, you can be involved. Bidding opens 6th May and will end beginning 6PM Sunday 12th May – so you’ll have 6 days to place your bids!

If you’re around Lincoln, pop down to Thomas Parker House on Silver Street and take a look at the postcards in detail. But if you’re elsewhere in the world don’t worry, close up images of all the postcards will be available soon.

Watch the creation of the window:

We’re so grateful to all the creatives involved, with Auction 13 being a fundraiser for Show Thirteen – Thank you!

The Auction 13 team have advised everyone to keep an eye on their twitter as  the tag reveals will happen soon – very exciting. In the meantime, show your support for Show Thirteen and Auction 13 by getting involved in the guessing game on twitter.

Thanks to the team members involved and don’t forget – Sunday 12th May is a date for your diary!


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