Chitter-Chatter presents… RAW

Today we were joined by Tom Heaton from RAW for the 2nd Chitter-Chatter talk.

Tom graduated from Lincoln in 2006, so it was great to have him back to share his experiences with us. He started by describing his experience of Uni in 3 words – Year 1: Alcohol, Year 2: Sex and Year 3: Design.

He explained that in his second year he decided to analyse his sex life for a project – which the tutors loved but some girls weren’t too happy about. A brave thing to do! Tom was successful in achieving both ISTD and D&AD awards…

… and then set up his own studio the day after finishing his degree. He spoke about the benefits and pitfalls of going it alone straight out of Uni:

… which he called time on after 2 years and landed a job at RAW. RAW have produced a great range of work from client briefs for the FA:

… to self initiated projects such as the Christmas by colour pantone cards.

Tom explained that dozens of students email him every week asking for a placement/job so it’s important to stand out from the crowd. Tom’s top tips:

1. Take a deep breath.
2. Be organised – ‘book early’ as he says.
3. Do your research – is it the right studio for you?

4. First impressions count – so make yours a good one!
5. Pay attention to the small details – spelling etc

6. Have a diverse portfolio – show off all of your skills…
7. … but go for quality not quantity – 5 in depth projects is Tom’s recommendation.
8. When you land an interview- be on time, be enthusiastic and bring biscuits! (Tom prefers chocolate hobnobs but also likes a gingernut!)

9. Get used to rejection – it’s a tough world out there…

10. … but work hard and you’ll succeed! Make tea, make friends and make the studio want to keep you. Remember, it’s a small industry!

It was a great talk, both humorous and helpful. Seeing that a graduate from
Lincoln has achieved success was inspirational and hopefully put things into
perspective for the current students.

Tom even stayed to do some portfolio surgeries:

A big thanks to Tom and to RAW for letting us borrow him for the day. Another successful Chitter-Chatter talk!


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